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  • 3 Letter Agency shows interest in Crop Circles

    The NGA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, is the agency that is tasked with monitoring Earth from above using algorithms. John Ramirez, a retired GS-15 CIA officer, has confirmed that at least one intelligence agency within the United States Government has expressed interest in the appearance of crop circles. As Ramirez has expressed, in the video below,…

  • Chris Bledsoe Sr’s UFO/abduction experience

    Here’s a compilation of the best sources to help you get a full understanding of Chris Bledsoe Sr’s UFO/abduction experience. Chris Sr, along with his son Chris Jr, had encountered craft on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. This encounter led to a face to face experience with a non-human being. This would be…

  • Symbolic Messages

    An Introduction to a Study of “Alien” writing [DOWNLOAD PDF] This rare book has made it’s way into the public domain. With an initial release of 90 books, it is hard to come by this book. There are a select few who have this book within the #UFOTwitter community but have been gatekeeping it from…

  • Welcome

    We’re starting our data sharing with the UFO field and will expand upon other subjects as we reach them through our investigation in the UFO phenomena.

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